A conversation with Milk cafe

As part of the Roma youth journalism course Govanhill voice spoke to Gabby from Milk café about their social enterprise.

The author of this piece Sara is a young volunteer at Milk café on a Wednesday night when milk runs it’s sewing group.

Milk is a local social enterprise that is now well established, how long have you been running?

Milk was set up in 2015 and we have been running for almost 3 years.

I volunteer on a Wednesday evening when you have your sewing class. Can you tell me who this is aimed at and who can attend?

Some of our events are women only, but this class is open to anyone. As with most things our target audience is migrant and refugee women who live in Glasgow, but we are happy to have anyone join the group as we are interested in community integration, so we need people from all backgrounds.

What other weekly classes do you run and who can attend?

On a Monday afternoon from 1-3pm we run a group called Connections which encourages women to bring a meaningful object and talk about it with the group. This group is women only, but kids can come if they need to. On a Tuesday we run ESOL classes and a women only art group; again children are welcome to attend. Thursday we have Spanish and French conversational classes and these are run by Yakety Yak and are pay what you can afford.

Do you have any other classes or events local people get involved or apply for?

We do a lot of one of pop up events or workshops. We are lucky enough to have been approached by some really interesting organisations and individuals and are always really happy to collaborate towards a project which fits in with our ethos. We also run a monthly open mic, and monthly LGBT language exchange. In the next few months we will be launching a girl guide group, camera club for local kids and a monthly film club.

For more information contact hellomilkcafe@gmail.com or visit our website at http://www.milkcafeglasgow.com.


A bit about the author;  This piece was written by Sara who is 16 and lived in Glasgow for 6 years. I am originally from Romania.

At the moment, I am in my fifth year of High school. I volunteer in Milk café on a Wednesday night, so I can include the experience on my C.V.

I also have an interest in music and I’m learning guitar. I take lessons twice a week in church in the Gorbals. I’d say I’m getting rather good at it, and I can play ‘It’s all of me’ by John Legend.

I also volunteer at the Tron church in Govanhill on a Sunday and Tuesday.









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