PhotoMessage: Exhibition of photography by young Roma from Govanhill.

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Opening hours 9.30am-6pm Monday-Saturday, and 12-6pm Sunday

Seven young Roma from Govanhill in Glasgow have been learning how to take photographs, exploring their homes and streets in Govanhill through the lens of their cameras.

“People get the wrong idea about Govanhill. There’s beauty here” says Rahela Cirpaci, 20.

Nikola Baran, 15, said “There are so many things you don’t look at, you would just step on them. I want to look at things more closely. Taking photographs makes you look closer.”

Above is a selection of work by the groups participants.

Since November 2017 the young Roma have been learning both documentary photography to explore their environment, and studio portrait photography to create images of themselves and each other, at creative workshops run by the Glasgow-based social enterprise media co-op. The Young Roma Photography project, PhotoMessage, is supported by Community Renewal in Govanhill and Friends of Romano Lav, funded by the People’s Health Trust and the New Economics Foundation.

Miroslav Cuba of the Roma community organisation Friends of Romano Lav said “I’m so proud of the young people for the dedication and creativity they’ve demonstrated in this project. There can be prejudice against Roma people, so it’s important to hear their voices and to see Govanhill from their point of view.”

Suzanne Bell of Community Renewal, the local organisation that initiated the project, said “We’re delighted that the creative work of local young Roma is being exhibited in Tramway. It’s a great showcase for local talent, and it just shows what community empowerment can do.”

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