Govanhill Baths Community Fishing Club is seeking new members

Govanhill Baths Community Fish Club is seeking new members!


Next meeting on Monday 14th August at 6.30pm in the Baths.

Our aim is to create a group made up of people with an interest in fishing in the local and surrounding areas. It doesn’t matter if you have years of experience, or are completely new to the sport. Families, couples and individuals can come along and meet new people with a similar interest and go on outings. Both fly and bait fishing are catered for, and we even have some equipment you can borrow on outings. The group meets once monthly (2nd Monday of the month, 6.30pm at Govanhill Baths) and has one monthly outing to a different location, in and around the central belt.

Meetings are free to attend, but trips to Lochs etc have fees dependant on the location. The information on these fees is supplied at the meetings.

Our members also arrange other outings, which are occasionally discussed at the monthly club meeting, or advertised via our Facebook page.

The purpose of the monthly meeting is to discuss locations and possible transport for individuals who require transport to the chosen location. If you are new to the club, it is beneficial for you to attend the meeting so transport can be offered or requested. You can also arrange to borrow club equipment if required.

The club offers free courses from time to time, such as fly rod set up and casting in the Baths, and a fly tying course.

If you would like any other information please feel free to email with the subject line ‘fishing club’ to

or call acting club secretary Lisa Craig on


Our Facebook page is public and you can join for reminders of meeting times and outing dates

fishing club poster new members small





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