Fireworks City; Short plays and more sought for project to celebrate Govanhill

Fireworks City

Short plays and more sought for project to celebrate Govanhill

Scheduled for the  summer of 2017

Govanhill, on the south side of Glasgow was originally known as Fireworks Village, a reference to the furnace in Govan Iron Works, which illuminated the sky at night and could be seen for miles around.


Throughout its long history Govanhill has been considered Scotland’s equivalent of New York’s Ellis Island, the first port of call for many asylum seekers and refugees arriving on these shores; Highlanders, Irish, Russian Jews, Indians, Europeans and many others have all made Govanhill their home.

Today, Govanhill remains one of the most vibrant and diverse districts of Glasgow. Like many other areas in many other cities it has its share of problems but it also has vitality and a community spirit that is not often matched, even by larger, more prosperous neighbourhoods.


Govanhill Theatre want to celebrate that vital spark, that spirit that continues to light up Govanhill through theatre, poetry, music, spoken word film and other arts forms with a project called Fireworks City in the summer of 2017.

As far as theatre is concerned, we’re looking for short plays between ten minutes and one hour long. The only requirement is that the plays are inspired by the people, places and history of Govanhill. It could be a drama, a comedy or a musical or any form you choose and we’ll also welcome plays dealing with issues relevant in Govanhill, such as immigration or housing. Any ideas are welcome.


We also hope that Fireworks City will include more than just theatre. Artists of all kinds, from anywhere in the world, with an interest in or a connection to Govanhill are welcome to contribute.

Images of previous perfomances in Govanhill Baths.

In particular, we’re looking for poetry, spoken word, visual art, film, music and short stories. The brief is wide, as long as the work is created in or inspired Govanhill or speaks to some of the same issues faced in Govanhill.

If you have an idea and would like to discuss it further please get in touch with Bruce at


Deadline for proposals will be 22 January 2017.

If you would like your community group, activity or business to have a feature article please get in touch with Lisa at
tel; 07903152283.
For those interested I also have an independent blog if you wish to check it out;
and my photo website;





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