The Steamie Project

Govanhill baths sent us an outline for their new project titles ‘ The Steamie Project’ and are looking for contributors. But hurry as the closing deadline for registering interest is on Friday 15th of July!

‘The project aims to gather up and compile local resident’s stories and pictures of the steamie and develop a creative project from it, namely the short book ‘Our Steamie’.
The project will work with local writers to produce the short book ‘Our Steamie’ that will be distributed free to local residents and the wider Glasgow community. We are making this book to give the people who used the steamies a voice and the chance to be creative with their own history. The steamie and baths are so important to the community and this project should be at the heart of that community. We want the book to be our book, about our steamie. We have an open Writers call for entries which closes on the 15th July.

We are also holding a number of events for different groups to engage in the history of the steamies. We are holding an open event in the Govanhill Baths on the 25th July, called ‘Steamie Party’ the event will be free and spaces can be booked for that.
We will have the launch night for our book at the Women’s library on the 28th July
We are wanting people to get a chance to look at the archive material but also have the chance to meet other people over a tea and a chat. Giving you the chance to reminisce.’

If you want to get in touch about our events or to submit a short work for ‘Our Steamie’ book please get in touch with Jennifer at or via 07841994010.
We are building up progress of our project via social media, Facebook /TheSteamieProject, Twitter @SteamieProject #OurSteamie, which includes some of the interviews we have had with local people.
The project is supported by The Arts Development Fund.

If you would like your community group, activity or business to have a feature article please get in touch with Lisa at
tel; 07903152283.
For those interested I also have an independent blog if you wish to check it out;
and my photo website;

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