Govanhill voice popped into the wonderful Bibelot, an outlet for locally made arts and crafts of ALL descriptions, just off Sinclair Drive. We got a chat with one of the store owners Vik about all things them and local art. When I dropped in she was working on some prints to sell in the shop. So brush in hand…

Vik working on a painting and outside the store.

Hi Vik how long has Bibelot been open?

We’ve been open since October 2015, so not very long.

What’s the story behind you guys opening the store?

Myself and Lisa met at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland on the BA in production arts course. Lisa was majoring in props and I design. We lived round the corner from each other at the time, we’d talked about the potential of the shop which wasn’t being used as a retail outlet. The shop has been used as storage by my business partner Lisa’s family for years for his decorating business. We saw the potential in this lovely little space and wanted to open it to give local people an outlet for their arts and crafts and also for ourselves. It’s lovely to see it open again, it’s got a great feeling and a sunny aspect when the sun does occasionally show it’s face! We are making enquiries into the old off license next door as this would make a great space for local artists to come and work, a kind of open studio space.

You have a proper little Aladdin’s cave of all things crafty and local. I’ve also noticed a few products I’ve seen a various craft fairs by people I recognise and many new ones. Can you tell us a bit about some of the many and varied items you stock?

We have a few artist friends that we initially started with, as well as our own work. We are very lucky to have a brilliant community around us and I just put a shout out locally to see what people were creating. We were quite amazed at the incredible response! Lots of artists and craft makers came up with some gorgeous and unique items. We stock a wide range from framed prints, wood crafts, ceramics, knitwear, and glass art. A lot of our artists use recycled elements in their work which we love.
We have 17 artists at the moment including myself and Lisa.
Crafts by Audrey- Recycled character cushions and Tweed cow head trophy’s,

Natural soaps from The Soap Garden and Twa Burds products.

Rose Madder jewellery.

Cards and prints from Must dash illustrations.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 09.24.23

Ceramics from Clair Norris.

Whiskey barrel lamps by David Reed.


Record, slate and plate clocks by Bibelot.

Wooden items by Bullwood.


Cactus and candles in cups by Bibelot.

2015-10-12 12.19.54

Paintings by Vik Quickly.


Tell us a little bit about your own work?

I’m a freelance artist covering many mediums. I work mainly in costume for public performance to pay the bills, but make props and do some scenic work when it comes up. I love to paint and make recycled sculptures as well and do private commissions and I’ve sold a few pieces through the shop.
Lisa upcycles furniture, mostly on a commission basis and makes props too.
We will have a go at anything! Our huge skill base in design and production lends itself to being very creative and contemporary as well as classic and classy.

If folks would like to pop in for a visit when are you open?

We are open Wednesday -Sunday 12pm-6pm. But as we live just a few hundred yards from the shop we will open up for anyone, anytime. Our numbers and email are on the front of the shop.
We have an etsy shop at the moment while we work on our own on-line shop.

business cards
we can be contacted by email at
tel 07880884861


I would say that there is such an amazing range in this tiny boutique you should allow yourself some time to get a proper look. I’d like to also say thanks to Vik for taking one of my up-cycled dream catchers and showing an interest at having a look at some of my photographic prints to sell.
Shopping locally at a local store like this not only helps one local business but supports the network of local producers many of which are also Southside based. ‘

If you would like your community group, activity or business to have a feature article please get in touch with Lisa at
tel; 07903152283.
For those interested I also have an independent blog if you wish to check it out;
and my photo website;



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