Glasgow Southside Hustings @ Holyrood Secondary

Glasgow Southside Hustings @ Holyrood Secondary
Tonight in the Southside some heavy hitters in Scottish politics were out to defend or contest their constituency seats in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

Below; First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish National Party)

Below; along with Kevin Lewsey (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

Below; Graham Hutchison (Scottish Conservatives)

Below; Fariha Thomas (Scottish Labour Party)

as well as list candidates; Cat Boyd (Rise Party)

Below; Tommy Sheridan (Solidarity),

Below; Zara Kitson (Scottish Green Party).

Love them or loathe them, the more experienced speakers held the floor. But all the speakers put forward their best arguements for your votes.I was rather worried this Husting would be unduly interrupted by audience interruption I have seen at various other community meetings. But thankfully meeting rules were adhered to and members of the community were able to put forward some of their concerns for their constituency. If you were unable to attend the event you can view the meeting in full on the link below.
Registration for voting in the coming election, if you hadn’t already done so closed on Monday the 18th of April.
Thanks to Crosshill and Govanhill community council for organising and chairing the event.
The event was filmed by Independence Live.
And can be viewed here;


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