Govanhill Voice; Stats and readership.

Govanhill Voice is doing well thanks to local readership.


If you are a local business, community group, individual or you have an activity or public event to advertise and circulate in the local area please do not hesitate to get in touch. This is a local circular and we don’t charge. Below are some of our stats;


The online newspaper Govanhill Voice has been running for 20 months now and has been quite busy with 45 articles and over 12 000 views out of which 64%  (7800 views) were generated in last 7 months. To compare: In 2014 we published 11 posts in 5 months (August – December) and generated 1500 views & 716 visitors. In 2016 we published 11 posts in 3 months so far (January – March) and generated 4500 views & 2100 visitors. This shows that our page generates more response now that in 2014. It is predicted that this trend will continue to grow with projected targets estimated below:


  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Articles p/m (estimated @ + 0.7 article p/m) 2.2 2.9 3.6 4.3 5
Articles p/year 26.4 34.8 43.2 51.6 60
Views with estimated growth of 60% 3600 10508 17416 27866 44585
Visitors 1718 5039 8360 13376 21402


1/3 of all visitors is from the UK, which shows that the site is made mostly for local news, followed by USA, Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, Canada, Slovakia and 30 other countries. The audience comes from most of Europe including Turkey, Russia, India, Australia and New Zealand and both American continents. Africa, Middle East, and East Asia are not represented in the area of reach which suggests that our newspaper doesn’t produce articles that would be of interest there.

If you would like your community group, activity or business to have a feature article please get in touch with Lisa at
tel; 07903152283.
For those interested I also have an independent blog if you wish to check it out;
and my photo website;

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