This Is Not A Craft Fair on Saturday 5th December 2015


Please join Govanhill Baths Community Trust’s Rags to Riches project on our 4th Edition of This Is Not A Craft Fair on Saturday 5th December 2015.

Over the past few years Rags to Riches’s craft events have provided a platform to a range of amazing local artists, designers and makers who all work with post-consumer waste to create innovative eco, handmade and upcycled products. Our fair is the one stop shop for all things upcycled and we will have a wide range of upcycled gifts on offer from furniture, jewellery, homeware and fashion.

Items will include amongst others:
– Camera jewellery and piano furniture from Altronica.

– Ring pull jewellery from Wow Trash Treasures.

Cath Wow Trash Jewellery
– Carve your own spoon from locally sourced Scottish hardwoods from Rags and Bone workshop’s Lost Soup Kitchen.

Martin's Spoons
– Tweed bumbags from Betty Spoke.
– Aprons, bags, draft excluders and purses made with duvets covers, vintage curtains and interior designers out of date fabric sample books from Rags to Riches.
– Along with cable spool stools and pallet furniture from Rags to Riches.

– Blinged up hoodies from Lucy Barge
– And many other quirky, unique upcycled handmade gifts from our volunteers and other emerging local makers.
– Nature wreaths from Urban Roots.
– Good old fashion knitwear from Cast-Offs.

Yummy foods will be served in the cafe and local food produce availabale to purchase from Urban Roots.

Join us for a unique and soulful Christmas shopping experience.


If you would like your community group, activity or business to have a feature article please get in touch with Lisa at tel; 07903152283.

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