Composting with South Seeds

We spoke to South seeds at Glasgow Garden Wildlife Festival in Queens Drive. I asked if Robin could tell me more about their composting initiative to get more people involved, here is what we found out;

Robin in the Queens Drive garden next to the gardens composter and with a photo of the ones they are installing.

Who can compost?

Anyone with a backcourt or garden space can compost, you don’t need to be an expert you just need a basic understanding of the process. If you don’t have any room to compost in your own space check out if there’s a community garden near you with a compost bin that you can use. South Seeds have installed several compost bins in community gardens around Govanhill and Pollokshields, so get in touch with us, if you’d like to start using one.

What information do you offer to help residents compost?

South Seeds run workshops on how to compost effectively along with how to build your own compost bin workshops. We also provide residents with the South Seeds composting manual full of useful information about how to compost in the South Side of Glasgow with shared tenement backcourts in mind. On top of that we’ve got loads of information on our website including an instructional film on how to build your on bin.

 2015-01-06 12.16.11

Residents with compost caddies and a composting guide, available from South Seeds office.


Along with the guide book is there anything else you offer?

 If you live in a shared tenement flat in Govanhill, Crosshill, Queen’s Park, Strathbungo or East Pollokshields we are currently funded to install a compost bin in your backcourt for free. The only criteria is that you have to get at least 50% of your neighbours from your close signed up to using the bin and 100% of your neighbours to have agreed with the bin being installed. Along with the free bin we also provide every resident using it with a compost caddy for kitchen waste, compostable bin liners and the South Seeds compost manual.

 2015-06-23 16.48.29 2015-04-15 19.21.59

Residents with their compost bins installed by South Seeds.

Why should people compost?

Composting is really good for the planet; a lot of biodegradable waste gets thrown in the general rubbish bin where it goes to landfill. Because of the lack of oxygen in landfill this waste can’t breakdown properly and instead produces methane which is harmful greenhouse. By composting this waste your preventing it from going to landfill and at the same time you’re making nutrient rich compost that you can use as a natural fertiliser in the garden. No need to purchase compost for house plants or planting up the garden again.

2015-01-07 13.07.44 IMGP0300

Could the next delivery be to your garden?

If anyone would like to get in touch with me to find out more about composting, please call me on 0141 6363959 or email;

By Lisa Craig.

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