Do you want to know how to reduce energy bills? South Seeds home energy audit can help you.

By Eva Kourova

South Seeds support people to reduce their energy bills and their services are open to people that live in Govanhill, Crosshill, Queenspark, Strathbungo and Pollokshields East, regardless of their tenant status or type of buildings. The charity has been operating in the area since 2011.20150320_130734-1

The staff provides advice on how to use and save both gas and electricity in the home, by conducting a home energy audit. This can also identify if the electricity and gas are safe Lucy Gillie, Project Manager at South Seeds commented:

 ‘’There can be terrible consequences of electricity misuse and accidents happen in Govanhill which result in the whole building becoming unstable. If you are unsure of the safety of the electrics in your home, do ask South Seeds for a home energy audit and we can have a look and advise you how you can save money and ensure the safety of your home.’’

Rather than telling people what to do and what not to do, South seeds provide information and advice on how to save energy, based on the peoples’ individual needs. People can get in touch by walking in to their shop based on Butterbiggins Road, and asking the staff directly for energy advice, or people are welcome to call 0141 636 3959 and book an appointment . A home energy visit is where an energy officer visits your home to find out more about your energy usage and based on the usage in your home, the energy officer will make recommendations about how to be more efficient. This often results energy bills being reduced by about£100. Also there are a wide range of energy grants and the energy officer can recommend energy grant eligibility.

Explaining boiler controls

After home visit is booked, and home energy audit is done, home energy report is produced identifying all different kinds of issues where the resident can improve their energy use. South Seeds can also lend residents an electricity monitor so they find out where they use the most electricity in their home.

South Seeds have fact sheets and small low cost changes which can be made to make homes more efficient such as hanging thermal curtains or heavy curtains to stop heat escaping from the window, or installing LED bulbs which use less energy than an energy efficient bulb and one tenth of the electricity of a normal bulb.

‘’Many people that rent a property, accept the type of curtains they have been given,”  says Lucy. But she adds that heavy curtain lining can be simply stitched to those curtains and beside saving money long term, they also block light coming into the room early in the morning, so it is easier to sleep.Handyman


If people want to book the home energy audit, they can do that by dropping to the South Seeds shop on Butterbiggins Road open Monday to Friday 9 30am – 4pm or call the office on 0141 6363959 or send email on

There is also more information available on their website

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