Cookery Workshop

By Jasmeet Nat

This fun and new way of getting people integrated by using Cookery Workshops has now started in Govanhill.   This project is there to help bring community together and is co-ordinated by Alberta Capasso who has been working for WSREC also with Friends of Romano Lav and has been in Glasgow for two years now.  She is originally from Rome and there she had been working with the Roma community for almost 10 years. She has been involved in many things and at this moment is working on the Cookery Workshops project with Romano Lav.


by Lisa Craig

The funding for the Cookery Workshop project has been given to Romano Lav also known as Friends of Romano Lav which is a charity organization challenging discrimination and promoting equality for the Roma people in Scotland.

Their mission is to “To improve the quality of life of the Roma residents living in Scotland by supporting them to overcome barriers relating to identity and poverty.”


By Lisa Craig

So we interviewed Alberta to know more about these workshops and what they are like. “These Cookery Workshops take place on a Thursday every week from the 2nd September till 11th December, timing of these classes are 3:30pm till 5:30pm in Govanhill Bath.” These Cookery Workshops are done by the tutor Fatima Uygun, who prepares the ethnic menu while providing step-by-step instructions. Once the participants are finished cooking they all gather together and eat the dishes they have made.


They have already cooked different types of ethnic food; Spanish, American, Scottish, Mexican, Thai, Italian, Jamaican and Indian. They have mainly participants who are mums, who are sharing their passion for cooking and wanting to learn about each other while they cook different ethnic food. Also for the moms to enjoy these workshops they have a youth club provided for their kids.

CW 1

By Lisa Craig

After we had done the interview, we went into the workshop to see what they were making and this week was Mexican food. We watched all the ladies listening to Fatima, who was showing them step by step on how to make fajita. Once they all had made it they all surrounded the table and ate their fajita, to see all these ladies enjoy cooking and talking away felt really good.

However what is the aim of these Workshops? The reason why this project is running is to help the Roma people get more involved in the community. The aims for this project are for the Participants to get together and know each other and also a place to bond with other people in the neighbourhood”.

Also these Workshops are not just about food, first of all they are a great chance to know each other  and get together in informal environment which encourages moms from different countries to share their food culture, cooking secrets and tricks”(Alberta).


By Lisa Craig

These are the short term goals they wish to achieve out of these workshops, however the long term goals or one may also call this the core aim is that once these classes are over, a Govanhill Cookery book with all these recipes from the Workshops will be made. The other aims also will be to “foster the intercultural approach within the community and to offer training on how to run these Cookery Workshops”.


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