Project: “LTL” Learning together lab

By Jasmeet Nat and Juliana Penha

DIL Framework - iStock_000018373461

Project learning together labs have recently started to know and understand more about this we interviewed Alberta Capasso. Alberta Capasso is originally from Rome where she had been working with Roma communities in Rome during almost 10 years, for different agencies and organizations. Alberta who has been working for WSREC and has been in Glasgow for two years now has co-ordinated these learning lab sessions for Roma Children and their parents.

Alberta who has co-ordinated this program is a teacher and is also bilingual. She speaks many languages including Romanian which therefore helps a lot to interact with Roma people. Having these skills help her design this unique program and run it. This project is designed to help Roma parents to be able to help their children and intends to improve parent’s parental skills. Many programs are designed for either parents or just children.  However this project will focus on both parent and the child together having combined with the skills that would help parents with their parental skills.

booksThese lab sessions will take place at Govanhill Baths. Each of these sessions will last 2 hours and will take place once a week on a Tuesday 3:30pm to 5:30pm. This project has 6 tutors and 1 co-ordinator; there will be two groups one with 10 Children and the other group with 10 adults. They will have 2 different classrooms with the same topic getting taught in them.  The material however will be given at different levels according to their capability.  There is no age restriction for the children attending the labs.

This program is initially for six weeks and is structured as 12 lessons, 6 for the children and 6 for the parents.  At the end of each lab session they will get time to have a common session where they can show each other what they have learnt. Also 15 minutes will be given to cultural heritage and the celebration of diversity through storytelling.

After all the lessons and when the program comes to an end they will have created their own book, containing all they have learnt and take it along with them. Through this program they will be fully trained and receive a certificate. The result they expect to see at the end of this is to see an improvement in literacy skills and a celebration of cultural diversity.  For the parents additional result will be to strengthen their parental skills but also to become tutors in the next lab.

Alberta says that “Illiteracy and poverty cannot be solved or broken away from, until the family as a whole realizes the importance of education.”  Alberta is also “trying something that could help them with numeracy and literacy, to give them possibility to really been in touch with their children.” The main idea is to help them to take care of their children; by helping them to do their school work. The core aim of these labs are to improve parental skills, help them participate and achieve more in their children’s life.

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