Alberta Capasso Profile

By Jasmeet Nat

Alberta Capasso is involved in a lot of the organisations that are helping the Roma community and helping integration.  So we went to Govanhill Baths to interview her and get to know more about her. Alberta is Italian, and has been working with Roma communities in Rome during almost 10 years, for different agencies and organizations.

Alberta's picWe asked Alberta a few questions; first we wanted to know more about her work background. Alberta explained that she worked for the European Institute of Public Administration in Maastricht, also delivered training on Social inclusion and Social protection. “I was a project leader for several education projects aimed to support asylum seekers, refugees and young Roma people.” Now however Alberta has been in Glasgow for two years and is working for West of Scotland Regional Equality Council (WSREC). Currently she’s working on two projects: Learning together Lab sessions and the Cookery Workshops.

Then we wanted to understand what her personal expectations or goals are in life? Alberta expressed that she strongly believes in communities. Therefore her main goal is “trying to be more involved in the community by bring initiatives and something new”. Also gathering people to be more involved in what they are trying to do. She told us she prefers short-term goals, to see the little changes being made, like “I can have two or three adults learning how to fill a form for me is such a big result.” 

The small changes for Alberta that gives her a sense of achievement and motivation, is like if the ladies in her Cookery Workshop “spend two hours together, speaking about everyday life that makes my day.”  Although Alberta says she doesn’t pretend to give them all the tools they need to find a job or to be perfectly integrated, she is happy knowing “the feeling of the community getting together, knowing each other and what they have in common.”

After seeing this kind of motivation and hard work, we asked Alberta if she has any tips that she can pass on to the Roma people and youth that would help them in life. The tip she gives is “try to be involved as much as possible, get involved in institutions, political life, music scene, in daily life, whetever, interact with others a lot.” Also “Try to make your voice loud and make people listen to what you need and what you  want, never give up.”

To know her now on a personal level we asked her, what are her memorable moments?  Alberta says “the feeling of being useful is great”, explaining that all her memories are linked on to when she was teaching adults, children, asylum seekers and refugees. How helping them achieving their goals like having babies, moving, having a new life and a better life.

We then for fun asked Alberta if she has any funny facts about her, she admitted that she has a habit of talking too much and of biting her nails when stressed out. She also easily misunderstands things like when Someone asked me if I am a Jew and I respond, I don’t like orange juice”. Although Alberta is a hard working person, who has dedicated many years helping Roma community and is serious about her goals and views, she also manages in her busy life to be a bit fun and funny too.

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