The Scottish Afro-Caribbean Fun Fair


Summer Samba, Drums, Dancers, and the heart of Africa arrived in Paisley.

Jasmeet Nat

pic 1

The Scottish Afro-Caribbean Carnival took place on 9th august at Barshaw Park, Paisley at 12am and the parade at 2pm.

“In 2013 it started in Scotland and nothing like this is ever done in Paisley also the purpose of this event was for “everybody to come together and celebrate it and put their differences aside” Jay Jay Muyanja (R.E.E.M, Project co-ordinator) explained.

This experience of such a wonderful different culture was portrayed in the lovely parade that started from Lady Lane to Barshaw Park. Not only Paisley but people had come from far and wide across many cities including Edinburgh, Manchester, Preston, and Birmingham to perform in the parade. Everyone’s costumes were colorful, bright and shining outfit on lady at the front was from Brazil.

The crowd watching was also dancing, each float travelling by had different songs and different performances, as if they were different parties going on in one street.

pic 2

These were not only the performers but also the stalls in the park from different organisations. After the Parade reached Barshaw Park, the stage performances began, even the main performer of the event Misha B from X-factor performed. Dance performances, steel pan drumming, samba dancing, grooving carnival rhythms that created this big celebration of musical diversity.


pic 3

Mike Bisson (Manchester Carnival) said he wants “People of paisley embrace this heritage and culture, to develop it and make it a large festival so that everyone could enjoy this show of multicultural vibrancy”.



People are excited and looking forward to next year’s event. Jay Jay Muyanja explained his ideas “for the next event auditions is to see if the community even could participate in the organizing the carnival themselves and also do the workshops for the carnival”. As Councilor Jim Sharkey (Renfrewshire Council) said “I would always support any community or organisation that does such a good job”.

The Scottish-Afro Caribbean Carnival had done such a great job, it was colourful, joyous and amazing sights and sounds for everyone including myself had enjoyed the event a lot and cant wait until next year.

To get involved visit: REEM

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